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4 Ideas For Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors

From fashion to food, trends always come and go and sometimes reemerge as vintage or retro. Where garage door designs are concerned, the latest trend is that of mid-century modern garage doors. The mid-century modern style was prominent from 1933-1965 and noted for its emphasis on simplicity and practicality. It also evokes natural elements, especially whenever wood is utilized. Mid-century modern garage doors do not sacrifice functionality for style, nor style for functionality. If this type of modern garage door design sounds appealing to you, then here are four creative ideas for mid-century modern garage doors worth considering.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel garage doors, aside from being durable and easy to maintain, are also less likely to rust or corrode, are energy-efficient, and don’t require painting since they can come customized. Additionally, stainless steel is very smooth in appearance, which makes it a perfect fit for a mid-century modern garage door design. The only downside, however, is that stainless steel is expensive, so be sure that there is room in your budget for a stainless steel mid-century modern garage door.

2. Glass With Aluminum Framing

When most people hear “mid-century modern garage doors”, the first image that comes to mind is a glass garage door with aluminum framing. While mid-century modern does not always equate to glass, it is still a noteworthy characteristic of the style, even in garage door designs. Glass can either make up the whole of your garage door or consist of a few large panels stacked to one side of the garage door.

The glass is frosted to maintain privacy and framed by aluminum, which is easy to maintain and rust-resistant. If you want the added bonus of natural light to your mid-century modern garage door, then frosted glass with aluminum framing will be perfect for you.

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3. Real or Faux Wood

Wood is a very classic material choice for any garage door. Real wood such as cedar, or composite wood is very common in any garage door. Both cedar and composite wood are durable, and versatile in how they can be customized. Composite wood does have a slight advantage over cedar due to it also including recycled materials, which makes it less prone to incurring the typical amount of water damage that traditional wood often does.

However, you can also take advantage of a faux wood garage door exterior for your mid-century modern home makeover. Faux wood is when steel is given a sheen to resemble wood, giving you the perk of a classic mid-century modern look with the added bonuses of extra durability and fewer maintenance concerns. Whether you go with real or faux wood, you can’t go wrong with this option where mid-century modern garage doors are concerned.

4. Flush Panels

If you really want to take your mid-century modern aesthetic to the next level, then consider installing flushed panels for your garage door. Flush panels enhance the smooth, clean appearance of a garage door. They can come with or without window inserts and are customizable with any paint color.

For mid-century modern purposes, one paint color of a neutral tone is your best choice. If you want to enhance the smooth, mid-century modern appearance of your garage door, then flush panels are a worthwhile option.

We Will Keep Your Mid-Century Modern Garage Door In Shape!

Hopefully, these four ideas for your mid-century modern garage door will inspire you when it’s time for a new garage door or a complete home remodel. If you’re ready to bring your mid-century modern garage door vision to life, you’ll need to find the best garage door service for the job. Luckily, that garage door service happens to be Garage Door Repair Baytown, so contact us today and get started!


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