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A Guide To Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors are the cherry on top of a modern home design sundae. Aside from boosting curb appeal and increasing home value, they are also defined by their updated technological capabilities. In short, modern garage doors bring both stylistic and technological upgrades to your home.

You probably now have questions such as “what are the ongoing trends for modern garage doors?”, “what materials are commonly used for them?”, “what technology makes a garage door modern?”, and “why should I invest in a modern garage door?” Today, we will answer these questions on your mind concerning modern garage doors.

Design Trends In Modern Garage Doors

The first topic regarding modern garage doors that we will show you today is that of current modern garage door trends. In this context, trends will refer to recurring stylistic choices that are found in many modern garage doors. The two design trends we will explore with you today are the following:

1. Mid-Century Modern Design

The mid-century modern design is characterized as sleek, minimalist, with a clean-cut look. Usually, a mid-century modern garage door will come in one color. This style is inspired by architectural trends from 1933-1965 that combined a simple, aesthetic appeal with functionality.

2. Modern Farmhouse Design

The modern farmhouse garage door design is one part of an ongoing trend of giving homes a rustic-inspired look. This design is inspired by the Colonial era and like the mid-century modern design, still seeks to be functional as well as evoke a specific aesthetic. In this case, the aesthetic evokes a more provincial life.

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What Are Modern Garage Doors Made Of?

Modern garage doors are produced in a variety of materials. That said, some styles will utilize certain materials more than others. For example, mid-century modern garage doors are often associated with glass, steel, wood, aluminum, and sometimes fiberglass. Modern farmhouse garage doors, on the other hand, are usually made of wood but are sometimes manufactured with steel that can be given the appearance of wood. When talking about modern garage doors in general though, steel, wood, and glass are the most commonly used materials.

Smart Technology

Nothing says modern like keeping up with the latest technology, and there’s no better way to stay modern than to add smart technology to your garage. These updates include WiFi or Bluetooth-connected openers and lock systems, motion sensors, and even keypad entry. A remote-controlled garage door, while simple, can be one stepping stone on the way to a fully modern garage door.

Why Modern Garage Doors?

Finally, let’s take a look at what benefits you can reap from a modern garage door. The significant boost to curb appeal and the opportunity to upgrade technology are two perks we explored already. Another reason to consider installing a modern garage door is that it will likely be very durable due to the materials used to make modern garage doors.

Additionally, they are ideal for insulation, which in turn, can reduce your energy bill and keep your home warm or cool, depending on the season. Maintenance will also be less demanding for a modern garage door than a much older one. A modern garage door is ideal if you want a garage with style, longevity, and dependability.

We Work With Modern Garage Doors!

We hope you found this guide to modern garage doors to be helpful as you think about changes for your own garage door. Whether you want to install a modern garage door, or your current garage door needs repairs, you can always depend on our certified garage door technicians at Garage Door Repair Baytown. Contact us today for the best garage door service in Texas!


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