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Preventing Garage Door Sensor Problems

Without the right safety features, your garage door can become dangerous to your property and yourself. From safety cables to safety sensors, you need to ensure your garage door has all the necessary equipment to operate without issue. Sadly, all garage door parts are prone to experiencing problems, and safety sensors are no exception. However, you don’t have to resign yourself to dealing with avoidable garage door sensor problems. Instead, you can learn how to prevent garage door sensor problems before they arise. 

Preventing Garage Door Sensor Problems: A Beginner’s Guide 

Preventing garage door sensor problems is an initiative that has many long-term benefits. To start, you will save lots of money on repair and maintenance services. You will also be able to use these sensors for the entirety of their lifespan and increase their durability. Here are just a few ways to go about preventing garage door sensor problems: 

Clean The Photo-Eyes

The simplest task you can perform to prevent garage door sensor problems is to clean the sensor’s photo-eyes. The photo-eyes can become obstructed by dust and debris buildup or even fogged up by moisture. Taking time to inspect the state of the photo-eyes will allow you to clean them promptly, allowing them to properly sense anything before your garage door can close on it. 

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Ensure Proper Alignment 

Another way to prevent garage door sensor problems is to ensure that the photo-eyes are consistently and correctly aligned. Misaligned garage door sensors can prevent your door from closing and opening at the right times. You’ll know the alignment is off if the lights are red. When the lights are green again, you will know your sensors are back in working order. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

An unexpected source of garage door sensor problems is interference from sunlight. In fact, direct sunlight produces strong infrared rays that can obstruct the sensors. Heat damage can also result from sunlight getting in the way of your garage door sensors. Too much sunlight can warp the sensors, rendering them ineffective for their purpose. Aside from being deliberate about the positioning of your sensors, you can also install sun guards to shield the photo eyes from the rays of the sun. 

Install Garage Door Sensor Protectors

Speaking of protection, the best way to prevent garage door sensor problems is to install garage door sensor protectors. This equipment not only keeps sunlight and heat from ruining your sensors, but it also reduces the amount of debris and moisture buildup in your garage door sensors. Some protectors can also reduce water damage if your garage door ever floods. Find the best protectors for your garage door sensors and save yourself a lot of grief from potential problems. 

Our Team Is Great At Preventing Garage Door Sensor Problems!

We hope that learning these four tips for preventing garage door sensor problems will make a difference in the daily operation of your garage door. As long as your garage door’s safety sensors are in excellent condition, you can rest assured that your garage door will operate properly and safely. Just take time every once in a while to clean the photo-eyes, correct any signs of misalignment, and prevent sunlight and other interferences from getting in the way of the sensors. 

Most sensor problems and preventive measures can easily be done on your own, but we understand if you feel better leaving these tasks in professional hands. Luckily, if you live in Baytown, you don’t have to look far for the best garage door service near you. Our team of technicians can handle any garage door sensor problems, so contact us today at Garage Door Repair Baytown. 


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