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How To Replace Garage Door Panels

Whenever you pull up into your driveway, your garage door panels will be one of the first things you see. Ideally, they are sturdy, durable, and complement your exterior home design. Unfortunately, like any part of your garage door, your panels are vulnerable to damage. If this happens to you, you’ll want to know how to replace garage door panels. 


Panel Replacement Vs. Whole Door Replacement 

When it comes to garage door panels, there is sometimes confusion over when individual panels should be replaced or if the whole door should be replaced. The answer ultimately depends on the specific condition of your garage door panels. For example, if the bottom panel or only one or two individual panels are damaged or visibly aged, they can be replaced separately. If the damage to your garage door covers more than those parts, you’ll save more money by replacing the whole door than you would by replacing each panel. Now that you understand this distinction, it’s time to learn how to replace garage door panels. 


how to replace garage door panels


How To Replace Garage Door Panels In 4 Steps 

While this is a task that should be left in the hands of professionals, it’s still important for you to know how to replace garage door panels so you can better understand the process as it happens. You’ll also feel more at ease when you know what to expect. Take a look at how to replace garage door panels in four steps. 


1. Measure The Panels 

The first step in learning how to replace garage door panels is to measure the panel or panels being replaced. With the correct measurements, you’ll easily order what you need for your garage door. It’ll also prevent any issues with installation if you’re as specific as possible in taking down said measurements. You’ll start by measuring the panel’s width, followed by the height. Finally, you’ll need to measure the thickness of the panels. 


2. Track Down The Manufacturer

Once you’ve obtained the necessary measurements, track down your garage door manufacturer. If you don’t already have that information, you should be able to locate a manufacturer’s sticker. This sticker also includes your garage door’s model, color, and serial number. 

If you can’t obtain that information or find the manufacturer, find something that closely matches the rest of your garage door or hire a professional to make a replacement. However, at that point, you should just replace the whole door. Assuming you’re able to contact the manufacturer with the appropriate information, order the replacement bottom panel and wait for it to arrive before hiring a technician to install it. 


3. Power Off The Garage Door Opener

When replacing your garage door panel (or panels), ensure that your garage door opener is powered off completely. This step in how to replace garage door panels is extremely important to ensure a successful installation and the safety and well-being of the technicians. The last thing anyone wants is to have the garage door opener set off in the middle of the job, causing someone to get seriously injured. 


4. Remove The Old Panel(s) And Install The New Ones 

This part of how to replace garage door panels is where the actual replacement happens. The technician will first remove the bottom panel very carefully. The new bottom panel will be installed and secured to the rest of the garage door. The technician will then test the new garage door to see if it is in good shape and adjust it as needed. 


Our Technicians Know How To Replace Garage Door Panels!

Hopefully, knowing how to replace garage door panels will allow you to feel prepared for what to expect if you ever find yourself needing this service for your garage door. If you live in the Baytown area, you don’t need to go too far to find the best garage door service to take care of your panels. All you need to do is contact us at Garage Door Repair Baytown for excellent panel and/or door replacement. 


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