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How to Organize A Hoarder’s Garage

It’s pretty common to use your garage as a storage space. It’s something that all of us do; we keep our photo albums, holiday decorations, and even our old stuffed animals there all year round. However, you might need to think about organizing your space if your garage seems like a hoarder’s haven.

Stumbling around in the mess and not having enough room to park are just two signs that you need to organize this space. Thankfully, we can help you reclaim this space by showing you how to organize a hoarder’s garage. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Organize A Hoarder’s Garage

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What Not To Store In A Garage

Using your garage as storage space isn’t all bad. There are many benefits that come along with this, such as freeing up space for your home. You can store tools, decorations, and other equipment in a garage.

However, there are just some things that do not belong in a garage. Storing clothes, paints, photos, electronics, and even food in such an enclosed space with high humidity is not advised. The paint will emit toxic fumes, damage your priceless photographs and electronics, and the fluctuating temperature will spoil food and attract pests.

How to Organize A Hoarder’s Garage

Moving on to the organization process is much easier now that you know what should not be stored in a garage. Here is how to organize a hoarder’s garage:

Step One: Make A Plan

Starting with a plan is always the best course of action. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to finish everything, because that could ruin your overall plan. This also allows you to know exactly what needs to be done and find the best way to do it. You’ll identify the areas that need some attention and how to divide your items

Step Two: Divide And Clear Out Items

A great way to organize your belongings is by dividing them into categories. Separating your garden tools, household items, and much more will make the cleaning process much easier for you. You will also be able to gather any unwanted items that are damaged, outdated, or that you no longer need. 

Step Three: Get To Cleaning

Before you can truly organize your garage, you need to clean up the place. Cleaning will eliminate any germs and harsh odors. Once you’ve gotten rid of any unwanted items, you will notice how rewarding cleaning your garage will be. Start cleaning your garage by mopping the floors and washing the walls. After thoroughly cleaning your garage, you can start organizing as you please.

Step Four: Start Organizing

There are many ways to organize your garage. Installing cabinets, drawers, or even using storage bins and slat walls are all great organization solutions. The use of cabinets could clear up space on the floor, allowing you to maintain your hoarding tendencies while remaining organized. Your belongings will be stored and protected in storage containers. Your garden tools and other items will be perfectly stored on slat walls.

How to Organize A Hoarder’s Garage

Garage Door Repair Baytown TX Has The Services For You

Now that you know how to organize a hoarder’s garage, you can finally embrace the comfort that comes with organization. But you can’t fall back into your hoarder ways; instead, make it a habit to maintain your garage. Speaking of, our team at Garage Door Repair Baytown TX can maintain your garage in the best way possible with our garage door services. In addition to keeping your doors maintained, we can also fix or replace them as necessary. To guarantee that your garage door is kept in the best possible condition, contact our team.

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