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Do You Need Garage Door Cable Repair?

Your garage door is important. You likely use this appliance every day, perhaps even more than once. Because garage doors have been around for a while, it is easy to take them for granted. But do you ever put much thought into how your appliance moves? The process is far from simple. Your door’s opening system is comprised of multiple parts, including the rollers, tracks, springs, cables, drums, and more. Each of these parts has to work together harmoniously, or else your door can’t move properly. When something goes wrong with one of these parts, it causes problems for the entire system. And something will go wrong eventually as use continues to cause wear and tear. 

Some parts of your system are especially important and need extra care. Garage door cables, especially, need attention. It is important to take care of repair and replacement needs as soon as possible to prevent future problems. Do you need garage door cable repair? Find out that and more in our blog! 

Signs of Needing Garage Door Cable Repair 

It isn’t difficult to know when you need garage door cable repair. All you need to know is the signs. Here are four signs that you need garage door cable repair

1. Noticeable Wear and Tear

Part of being a responsible owner means taking the time to inspect your opening system every few months to ensure everything looks to be in good shape. Performing a visual inspection can help catch issues with your cables early on. You want to look for signs of noticeable wear and tear, such as fraying or rusting. Also, keep an eye out for drooping. Your cables should be tight and straight, not loose. 

2. Alignment Issues 

Does your garage door keep going off track? The culprit could be your cables. Your cables tug your door up and down the tracks and help balance its weight. When they are not functioning properly, your appliance won’t be able to move along the tracks the way it should. This leads to your garage door becoming misaligned or coming off track. 

A wound-up garage door cable owned by someone who is wondering, "Do you need garage door cable repair?"

3. Strange Noises 

While some noise is normal and expected when your garage door opens and closes, certain ones may signal the need for garage door cable repair. Specifically, shrieking, grinding, and clashing noises are signs that something is wrong with your cables. If you look at your cables and they appear to be in good condition, you can try adding lubricant to your tracks and springs to see if that eases the problem. But if you continue hearing the noise, stop using your appliance immediately and get professional assistance. 

4. Struggles When Opening

Your garage door should open right away when you press a button. But if you need garage door cable repair, your appliance may struggle to get up the tracks. You might notice that it takes a long time for your door to open. Or perhaps it starts to open before dropping down again. Maybe your garage door won’t open at all. All of these could signal that there is something wrong with your cables. Failing springs may also cause similar issues. Either way, you are going to want to hire a professional to assist you. 

Get Garage Door Cable Repair With the Help of Our Team! 

Have you been noticing signs that you need garage door cable repair? Our team can assist you. Cables are not something you should attempt to fix on your own, as they can be dangerous when they snap. Thus, it is important to hire a professional for all of your maintenance and repair needs. Reach out to Garage Door Repair Baytown TX for quality services! 

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