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  • garage door tracks A Brief Introduction To Garage Door Tracks - The garage door tracks are what keep your garage door aligned and in place every time you enter or exit from your garage. Without them, you would not be able to travel from your home easily. However, did you know garage door tracks come in two different types and have three notable qualities? Today you […]
  • Hurricane-Proof Garage Doors: Better Safe Than Sorry - Hurricane season comes every June or earlier and ends around November. However, in the age of climate change and increasingly powerful hurricanes, it never hurts to prepare sooner rather than later. One part of your home that is most vulnerable to the impact of a hurricane is your garage door. Luckily, there are garage doors […]
  • A tech performing garage door maintenance tasks Garage Door Maintenance: What You Need To Know - Garage doors are often used at least twice a day by homeowners, and yet they go without the notice and appreciation they need to live a long, healthy life. If you want your appliance to last you, then you can’t neglect it. Be honest with yourself. Have you been neglecting your appliance? You aren’t the […]
  • A garage door cable owned by someone wondering, "Do you need garage door cable repair?" Do You Need Garage Door Cable Repair? - Your garage door is important. You likely use this appliance every day, perhaps even more than once. Because garage doors have been around for a while, it is easy to take them for granted. But do you ever put much thought into how your appliance moves? The process is far from simple. Your door’s opening […]
  • A homeowner who likes fiberglass garage doors opens their new appliance. Your Guide to Fiberglass Garage Doors - Choosing a new garage door for your home is a big decision. Because garage doors can be expensive, you naturally want to make sure your investment is worth the amount of money you must sink into it. Garage doors are also an important component of your home if you want to protect items you have […]
  • A mouse heading for the home of a homeowner who doesn't know how to keep mice out of garage. How to Keep Mice Out Of Garage - When you think of mice, what comes to your mind? Some people think about common household pests. Others may envision lab mice that are used for experimentation. Still others may think of cute, cuddly pets in cages. Most people fall into the third category. Mice are undeniably cute little critters. Perhaps it’s their small size […]

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